Saturday, May 3, 2008


That last post of mine was extremely boring, so click here to go see something wacky I discovered by clicking on a Gmail Ad today.


Jennifer H said...

There's more fun and cleverness on that Torsopants site than I've maybe ever seen in one place.

Except for here, of course.

Jan said...

Wow that was a whacky fun time. Thanks.

:-Daryl said...

Now that was funny.. I stoke some of those clever t-shirt labels? But not as funny/clever as you!


CrazyCath said...

That is definitely whacky!

And since it is now nearly 1.30am, and I'm just catching up (with some blogs to go!) I'll take your word for it on the previous post! But the pictures there are great. As always.

Csilla is so creative.

Kaycie said...

Ha. Those are hilarious. They are just what I need to buy for my teenagers to make them think I'm still cool!

Carla Marion Peritz said...