Wednesday, June 25, 2008

random stuff i've been wanting to post about but just haven't had time...

This post will be all over the place. Try to keep up:

1. Hungary.

June 21 was the tenth anniversary of our Hungarian wedding ceremony. I meant to post about it on Saturday but never found the time. Happy Anniversary to us. I love Balazs. I've written about our Vancouver wedding anniversary here, about how my wedding dress at our Hungarian wedding made a great bug catching net here and even about buying a really frickin' expensive set of plane tickets to Hungary here, but what I have been meaning to write about for the longest time and haven't got to it yet is a post about Hungary itself. It's number three on my list of the best places on the planet that I started writing when I very first started my blog and got so sidetracked that I only wrote as far as number two. I plan on writing this post soon. Hopefully before we leave for our vacation in August. It will involve history, food and of course, love.

2. My sinuses.

Holy crap. I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm just writing out loud. Because holy crap. My sinuses have really and truly introduced themselves to me this week. I was not exaggerating in my last post when I said it felt like somebody was experimenting on me with the contents of a rusty tool box. At one point yesterday, when I closed my eyes I could have sworn that somebody had attached a pair of pliers to the bridge of my nose and was compressing it and pulling on it at the same time. I am really allergic to grass. And it sucks. That's enough about that. No more complaining. My head feels okay today.

[Edit - Thanks for the comment Rick. I use the Neti pot daily. I love it and it certainly helps, but unfortunately doesn't rid me of symptoms completely.]

3. Breastfeeding.

Here's the part where everybody reads my blog and then sits back and imagines I have two heads. I'm not sure I've ever written about this before, but a few of you know that I was still breastfeeding Csilla at almost three years of age. Until now. Among many other reasons, one of the reasons I haven't been posting and commenting on various blogs fifty times a day was because I have been weaning Csilla for the last two weeks. And let me tell you. It has been extremely difficult. She has been beyond clingy. It's understandable, but makes it a little hard to blog. I could write a very long post about the whole topic of breastfeeding a three-year-old and how weaning becomes exponentially more difficult as your child gets older, but I won't get into all of that. I will say that the last two weeks has involved many tears (hers and mine) as well as bribery and lollipops for breakfast. But it is done. I no longer breastfeed Csilla. I am both heartbroken and relieved. I miss the closeness and her need for me already. I don't miss feeling painfully tired and run down. And yesterday, when my head hurt so bad that I thought I might barf, I was extremely relieved to be able to take some real medication. For the last four years, I haven't taken anything more powerful than a regular strength Tylenol for fear of it entering my milk and getting to Csilla. (Well, except during labour when the doctors gave me all sorts of fun stuff that left me itching like a junkie when is was all over... but that's another post). Anyway. "Mission Csilla-Wean" accomplished. Huge sigh of relief and sadness.

4. Photography.

I'm working on some "Photography 101" posts, but I'm having an extremely hard time keeping them brief. Big surprise. You know me. Captain Longwinded. I can't seem to make the posts concise, but I'm trying, and hope to post them soon. I've already told you about Corey's wonderful photography tutorials, but if you've read those and want to keep moving, check out Angella's excellent foto friday posts. They're much more succinct than I would ever hope to write, so check them out and learn learn learn. Don't forget to post your learnings too. I'd love to see how you're doing. Finally, I've also been meaning to post some cool photos I took the same day I took these in Linda's garden. It involves something called "Bokeh" and a sprinkling of hearts. I'll explain it all when I finally write the post. Stay tuned.

5. Gone Baby Gone.

Balazs and I watched the movie Gone Baby Gone a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to post about it because it impacted me in an enormous way, but again, I haven't found the time. I wrote two movie reviews when I first started my blog, but then I got massively sidetracked and haven't done it since. It's probably better off that I haven't written a review about Gone Baby Gone because I would have been too upset to write it. The movie is dark and disturbing and horrible. But in a really good way. Huh? I thought Gone Baby Gone was outstandingly good, but the subject matter - missing and abused children, drug addicted parents, poverty and life in the inner city - is all horrible, so the movie is not for everyone. I'm still thinking about certain scenes. If you've got the stomach for it, watch it. Ben Affleck did and outstanding job of adapting the screenplay and directing it. Casey Affleck was phenomenal in the lead role. Good job brothers! You two are almost as hot as your friend Matt Damon.

6. New Visitors and Old Friends.

There have been a ton of new visitors to my blog recently. I'm thrilled you've all stopped by, but I'm completely bummed that I haven't had time to return the compliment by visiting you. Because of the aforementioned reasons - impending trip to Hungary, painful headaches, clingy three-year-old, photography obsession and movie watching - I have been spending much less time at the computer. Sorry about that. Thanks for stopping by, you're all awesome. I've also meant to drop some comments on posts that have really caught my eye recently, but I haven't been doing that either. Just no time. As it is, I'm frantically typing to finish this post before Blue's Clue ends and it's time to head into the garden (despite the grass). Let's just say I'm lurking and loving so many of your posts. You blogging lot are an amazing bunch. I strongly encourage everybody to visit some of the links on my sidebar under "My Weekly Reads" and "My Weekly Inspiration". You won't be disappointed.

Blue's Clues is over. I'm sure there's more, but that's all I have time for now. Man my fingers can move fast when I have something to say! Peace.


Rick said...

For sinuses: You may want to try a Netti Pot with salt and warm water. It works, and it's inexpensive.

Kimberly said...

Rick is right actually...regular salt water rinses can prevent serious sinus issues and help speed recovery.

Still. Eww.

I've missed you! And I love posts like this one that meander all over the map...because it's such an accurate representation of our crazy, chaotic lives.

Kaycie said...

I breastfed all of my children. I know how you feel. It is really nice to get your own body back, though.

When I weaned my middle boy, he quit drinking ANYTHING for two days. I almost broke down. He never used a bottle at all, and all of a sudden, the sippy cup became his enemy. I didn't think I'd live through it.

If you can bring yourself to do it, a Netti Pot works really well. I tend to buy canned saline solution and use that instead. It works well for me.

Glad you're feeling better.

Daryl said...

I dont know from Netti pots, tho my mother once knew someone named Nettie, but I do know that I now know why you havent gotten pregnant ... its the breastfeeding ... one of those birth controls not everyone discussses... and I hope for your sake that you dont breast feed your next for as long ...

AND I loved the post about your wedding .. where did you two meet and how come I didnt realize how young you both look ... AND how his sense of humor and movie knowledge is so like Husband's its scary.

BTW do not watch In Bruges thinking its a comedy, based on the trailers, I thought it was .. it isnt ... which could be why even with Robbie Coltrane, Colin Farrell AND Ralph Fiennes I wasnt crazy about it.

Okay .. hope you feel better soon


Jenty said...

Enjoy your trip!! I'm very jealous, I've always wanted to go there.
Hope your sinuses clear soon

Angella said...

Sorry about your sinuses! Yikes! And the last couple of rough weeks.

I look forward to hearing more about Hungary, when you can eke out a post :)

ciara said...

well, i thinking weaning at 3 is a lot better than school age. my mom had a brother who would stop playing w his friends because he had the need to go home and be breast feed. not sure what age, but definitely school age...i think he was older than 5.

hope you feel better.

Jen said...

Wow, do you ever have a lot on your plate. I'm sorry about all the tears with the discontinuance of breastfeeding. I know I was heartbroken and felt guilt when I stopped with both of my kids. However, hopefully you get pregnant soon now that you have weaned her :) I'm excited to hear about Hungary and hope your sinuses clear up really soon :)

Suzanne said...

I loved this post, yep it was all over the post, but so interesting! I agree with the proponents of the netti pot, I haven't actually used it, but have heard that it works wonders.

I'd like to hear more about how you met your husband, was it when you both worked on a cruise ship, or in Hungary?

Jan said...

I have a netti pot too Carolyn. I got it after watching Oprah. It really is quite great. I hope it helps. You poor thing. It is so tiring and exhausting to have sinus troubles. Goes through your whole body and your just plain miserable.

Glad about the weaning. Those are very emotional times for me too. I love the bonding that takes place, but also love the freedom back. Such mixed emotions.

Your trip sounds very exciting. I know how much you adore your husbands family. You will be so glad that you went. I think you will be so inspired with your new camera skills there. You will see a whole new world. And I love the thought of that for you. I think you will find a lot of pleasure and inspiration on this trip. I just can't wait.

Thank you for the warning on Gone Baby Gone. How sad. I couldn't endure it well at all.

Take care of yourself. Just don't get to down. Take it step by step and you'll get through it all okay.
Hugs and thoughts to you and your family. xxoo J

ped crossing said...

Have you seen this website?

It will let you know the pollen forecast for your area. It might help you in planning outdoor adventures.

Take care.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh glad that you have survived the big wean! sigh....hugs to you....BIG hugs, but not so big it makes your head hurt more.

CrazyCath said...

I am so glad you were able to feed Csilla yourself until you wanted to stop. I fed both mine but was stopped at a very early stage due to going back to work. The hardest wrench of all was changing to bottle feed. At least they got some (and I'm not sure I would have gone for three years!!) but I am pleased for you and a mixture of admiration for you whilst wondering if you are stark staring bonkers.

Hope your grass allergy and sinuses ease up for you soon. I think your posts are really entertaining and informative and would be upset if they were shorter!

I haven't been round blogs as often as I'd like either, and I'm not weaning a 3 year old. So chill out, we understand and we always come back. You're worth it.