Sunday, September 21, 2008

super random post about barf and hungary. although those two things are not related.

Warning - discussion of stomach bugs and related bodily functions ahead...

It's 2am and Csilla is sick in bed with a bad head cold and some coughing, so instead of tossing and turning in bed while I worry about her, I'm still awake and blogging while listening to her on the monitor. Oh. And I have a cold too. Imagine how clearly my brain is functioning right now. Not.

Rambling rambles shall now commence.

We're home from Hungary and I'm trying to get back to editing photos for patiently waiting clients and back to blogging, but of course, I've caught a big cold and Csilla spent the afternoon barfing yesterday. Hip hip hooray.

Silver lining? Csilla's old enough now to anticipate the barf so she actually told me when it was going to happen and every last drop made it into a bowl. Yay. No barf-smelling hair.

Happy-to-be-a-Mama-Moment? Even though I was hating every minute of the barfing I was loving Csilla even more because of her need for me. I'm IT. I'm THE ONE. When the barfing begins and she's at her most miserable, I'm the one she needs to comfort her. It's such a strange juxtaposition - the barfing and the love I feel for her when she wants me thisclose and insists I hold her the whole time. Urp and Sigh. All at the same time.

Did you know Csilla talks in her sleep? It's so strange and cute and funny. Sometimes she's very coherent when she talks. I almost wonder if she's awake, but then it turns into garbledi-goop again and I know she's actually still asleep. Just now she very clearly said, "I think it's time to go to bed." Silly kid. Doesn't she know she's already in bed?

My favourite is when Csilla laughs in her sleep. Yes laughs. She does this quite often. Sometimes it's a big, huge, genuine belly laugh. Out loud. Talk about laughing alone in the dark, eh? I don't know how she doesn't wake herself up. It's so funny.

When we were at the cottage in Hungary, I was sleeping on a pull-out bed right outside her door and she laughed so loud one night that she woke me up out of a deep sleep.

Crazy kid I have.

Today her nose is all stuffy and as she was falling asleep for a nap I was listening on the monitor to make sure she was okay when I heard her say, "Hmm. That's funny. My smell doesn't work anymore." And then she fell asleep. Or maybe she was already asleep.

Crazy kid I have.

Sorry for the random post... just typing whatever pops into my head.

Speaking of Hungary, we had a nice time and I survived the trip. I actually didn't even need my anxiety pills on the way home. Thank goodness. It all went pretty smoothly. Csilla was a dream. She's awesome. Sometimes.

The trip itself was nice. Just nice. Not amazing. If truth be told, a trip to Hungary would not be my first choice for vacations. I love Balazs' family and Hungary is beautiful, but it's a huge amount of money and such a long way to go to just hang out at the cottage. Not to mention I've been there several times before and we have some beautiful lakes right here in British Columbia with cottages on them and everything. And they would be a hell of a lot cheaper and easier to get to. I'm just sayin'.

More complaining...

Balazs and I had terrible allergies for most of the trip and Csilla was incredibly homesick and upset for the first half of the vacation. I felt horrible for her. She never really adjusted. She's a homebody and didn't enjoy being away from her bed and her toys and her space and all the predictable things that she loves here at home. Among other things, she really missed Pici Nyuszi whom I refused to bring at the risk of losing her again. Remember that? Csilla also especially missed my mom. One night she cried and cried and cried for her Nana and I felt just awful. At that moment I desperately wanted a Star-Trek-transporter-machine-thingy so I could zap us all back home where Nana could tuck Csilla into bed and make her feel better.

Silver lining - Balazs' parents had an amazing time seeing Csilla and getting to know her a little better. As my mom put it, "more hearts permanently stolen". So true. It wasn't until the second week of the trip that Csilla was comfortable enough to go to the park alone with Balazs' parents while he and I stayed behind at the cottage. It turned out to be my favourite day of the whole vacation. Balazs and I lounged and sunbathed and played cards and ate yummy food while Csilla had fun with her grandparents. I even gave myself a pedicure. Hooray!

And when Csilla and B's parents got back, his dad said with tears in his eyes that it was one of the best days of his life.

Talk about a silver lining.

And now for some highlights and lowlights from our Hungarian vacation:


1. The Food. Ohhhh the food. I love Hungarian food. Meat? Good. Potatoes? Good. Sour cream? Good. Balazs' mom is an amazing cook and everything she makes tastes absolutely delicious. I ate 8-10 times a day and loved every paprika sprinkled bit of it.

2. The Down-time. No computers, no television, no work and a 5:1 adult to Csilla ratio was amazing (notwithstanding all the homesickness-related tantrums). Many hands of cards were played and some actual sunbathing was enjoyed.

3. The Family. Balazs parents are wonderful people and when Csilla finally warmed up to them (around week two of three), she had a wonderful time getting to know them better. Balazs' mom used to work for the municipal government in their district and was in charge of the EU playground upgrades for the area which meant that she knew exactly where all the newest and best playgrounds were. B's mom and dad took Csilla to a different playground every morning and every afternoon for a week and she loved every minute of it.

4. The Weather. Incredible for the whole trip. Sunshine and blue skies and warm temperatures every single day. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

5. The PhotoWalk. Near the end of the trip I was granted a full afternoon to myself (free of any Csilla-related duties) where I got to walk around the amazing city of Budapest for five hours on a lovely day with only me and my camera for company. Now only if I had time to even download the photos so I could show you!

There are more highlights, but I'm getting really tired and the lowlights are more amusing so I'm moving on...


1. The towels. What the hell. Aren't towels supposed to absorb water? That's like, their only job, and yet, amazingly, so many of the towels I encountered in Hungary failed to absorb any water at all. Come on towels. Stop pushing the moisture around and dry me off already.

2. The Homesick Kid. As mentioned above, Csilla was terribly homesick, which translated into awful, cranky and horrible behaviour for about 60% of the trip. There was more crying and screaming and stomping from Csilla in two weeks than I normally get from her in a year. The whole thing was stressful and upsetting. But... I will say I'm proud of Balazs and I for finding compassion and patience with Csilla on the occasion of each and every outburst. Csilla has banked a lot of good favour with us so we payed her back in kind. Every tantrum was met with hugs and kisses instead of exasperation and frustration. Yay us.

(I'm laughing at how the rotten towels rated higher on my list than Csilla's rotten behaviour. Clearly, absorbent towels are very important to me.)

3. The Bathing Suit. I wasn't expecting the weather to be so darn amazing while we were there and I forgot to bring my bathing suit. I spent most of the two weeks at the cottage prancing around in a cheap, ugly communist bathing suit that didn't fit me properly and only served to remind me how pathetic my boobs are after more than three years of breastfeeding.

4. Car Alarms. Why does everyone in Budapest have a car alarm and yet nobody reacts to it when it goes off? Isn't the whole point of a car alarm to alert the owner of the car that there is a problem? Ergo, when the alarm goes off the owner would attend to the car instead of letting it wail on and on and on and on and on and on while I'm trying to sleep damn it?!

5. Allergies. I'm allergic to grass. There was a lot of it at the cottage. It sucked.

6. Hungarian Keyboards. The crazy Hungarians think it's okay to put the Z where the Y belongs and the question mark and other necessary punctuation marks in the strangest places on the keyboard (some involving the need for simultaneous Ctrl and Alt ky pressing WTF), thereby rendering aforementioned keys almost useless to a person like me who types without looking at the keyboard. I found it far too frustrating to use the keyboard while there and fell seriously behind on all my grand hopes for all sorts of dazzling blog posts while we were away. I spent most of my downtime in Budapest on the computer surfing Flickr. No typing required.

Holy crap I'm tired. Even though Csilla is having an incredibly restless sleep, I think I'll go to bed now.

Oh wait. More sleep talking from the Little Miss. What the hell is she saying? My kid is so weird.

Good night.


CrazyCath said...

Oh that is so wonderful Carolyn - and welcome back. Your kid is not crazy - just cute! And of course absorbent towels are more important than a well behaved child! So is a decent bathing suit!

Glad you had a good time.

coastrat said...

I enjoyed very much reading this post about your travels. I love to travel, and whether it contains good experiences or not so good, it's always an adventure. The non-absorbent towels are a hoot! Again, it's good to have you back!

Kaycie said...

Sorry you girls are feeling a bit under the weather. Feel better already -- we need to see some of those pictures you took!

I'm glad Csilla finally settled down enough to enjoy her grandparents. Sounds like they were enchanted with her.

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

Sounds like it was (mostly) a good trip. The homesickness is understandable, but a new park every day?! A dream come true. :) I look forward to seeing the pictures from your alone time.

aims said...

Aren't colds and barfing the requirement when you have a good long holiday? I think so.

Being of Hungarian descent - I would love to see Budapest. I wonder if I would be able to adjust to the towels and the car alarms though?

Your in-laws will cherish forever what you have done for them. Bless you for having such a huge heart.

Jen said...

You seriously crack me up! I love all your ramblings!! I'm glad you had a great time, barring the non-absorbent towels. . . and what else was there? JK! I hope and sweet Csilla feel better soon and I can't wait to see all the AMAZING photos you took. That's right, I already know they are Amazing because you took them! Hope you had a good rest last night!

Kimberly said...

What a crazy, wonderful, exhausting experience that must have been! I can't imagine being that far from home. I think the farthest I've been is Utah. Oi.

So glad you're home. I've missed your rambling posts like this one.

Daryl said...

Ah those car alarms ... I suspect that like those in my neighborhood which blare endlessly with no response .. is due to being parked NOT in front of the owner's home or even on the same street as the owner lives ...

the real value in a car alarm is (a) to bother sleeping people who do not own cars and (b) to 'scare off' (as if) the robbers/breakers inners